• Brand Development

    Uncover what makes you unique and how to stand out.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Integrated marketing tactics to reach your target audience and drive results.

  • Marketing Planning

    Work together to define your goals. This is the seed we plant to grow revenue.

  • Sales Enablement

    Tools and language to empower your team to communicate your value to existing and potential new customers.


Simple, with the right plan you can level the playing field. Small businesses can win in today’s market and with the right strategy and weapons you can stand out from the crowd.

I’ll be your marketing master and create a smarter guerilla strategy to achieve greater growth (and coach and train grasshoppers in your business along our journey.)


    Nothing is impossible. I look at obstacles as opportunities. Connect the dots to create a powerful and meaningful story that will resonate with your target customer.


    Ask questions, listen, ask more questions, step back and review to formulate a killer plan.


    Experience with a vast range of tools to advanced your strategy in the digital age and build integrated plans across social, email web, video and print.


Ginger Ninjas are stealth, unassuming and when they need to, spring into action based on their plan, knowledge and experience. Ninjas study, observe, build a strategy and execute.

That’s what Ginger Ninja is all about. I bring passion, knowledge, and expertise to help you set, reach and exceed your goals.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and work side by side to navigate through setting a marketing strategy based on your business goals.

Re-shape your brand to tell YOUR story and showcase why customers should buy from you over the competition.

Once the strategy is set, create a killer, well-orchestrated plan to execute, focus and enable your team so they have the weapons to win.

And most important, we will measure success to see what works and resonates with your target customer.

We will enter this battle together and come out victorious and once you achieve ninja status, we’ll set new goals and grow….together.

Ginger Ninja Marketing